Banister Back 18th Century Chairs

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So when collecting 18th century chairs I have a couple of examples I want to show you today of banister back chairs you can see on the back I'm going to show you the back of the banister with the turnings on here. There exposed on the back with the carvings here and the reason why they put them flat on the front was just mostly for comfort that's something you'll see very typical of a banister back chair. You'll see them on a number of slats across the back with an arched top this top can vary into many different styles this is a typical New England style with the turnings and you can see here which is detail ware right here on the turnings all hand turned. The little knobs on top you can see in the back I want to show you an example of the ware on this turning up here on the knob it's all worn down and that's something you want to look for when your looking at banister back. You can see also the ware in the patina this has been stripped down but it was stripped down many years ago and that's something also that you want to look for. A lot of these chairs because there just 300 years old they don't hold there paint and they go through a serious of changes over the years. Another thing I want to show you in the construction of this chair you can see right here there pegged these chairs are all pegged and held together and as tight as the day they were made. If they were taking care in a reasonable way also I want to show you what the seats look like the seats are rush this is a new obviously new rush seats but his is a typical construction I mean typical seats for that period. So that's another thing to look for and also you want to look at the ware on the turnings these turnings have great ware on them and your also going to find that here theres a lot of ware. I mean this chair has been worn down from sitting over the years so your going to see varying sizes when I put these two chairs next to each other your going to notice that there not at the right height, there not at the same height I should say. You can see that that it's pretty obvious what you want to try to do when you buy a chair like this is to buy a chair that has as much of the bottom of the foot left as possible. Here is a good example of 2 different chairs one with a lot more footing padding left on this here compared to this one, so that's something to look for when your buying a chair. If there really worn down it's going to take away from the value so thats a few examples of banister back chairs.