Prices of 18th Century Chairs: Part 2

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So talking about 18th century chairs and collecting. You're going to find that it can be very expensive, you can see that I just saw a set of these banister back chairs. It was a set of 8 and I don't know what the condition were but sold on an online auction 8 chairs went for I think about $2600 or $2800 at auction, plus you add your 20% to that. And you spent over $2300 for a set of 8, now I don't know what the condition was on those chairs were. But on average if you find a chair like this a banister back that is 18th century in good condition the arm chairs alone you can pay upwards to $1000. If they're in paint you're going to pay even more but these chairs in particular the arm chairs are going to cost you more than a chair without the arms just the single straight banister. A single straight banister can cost you upwards from $500 for a single chair depending on the condition I would say so that's something to think about but if you want to put together a set like this you know it's going to cost you a quiet a bit of money. You may want to do it one piece at a time that's one option but these chairs can be expensive. When you get into the Windsor chairs the Windsors can also be expensive chairs in the 18th century you can pay starting at $200-$215 up, these chairs can go up to $1000 or more a piece. Depending on the condition age, origin and whether if there in a single or in a set so that's something to keep in mind when you're thinking about Windsors.