How to Determine the Height of Sprinkler Head

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Learn how to determine the height of a sprinkler head while installing an irrigation system in this free landscaping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Fernando and we are here with Expert Village and we are going over determine the height of the actual sprinkler. As you can see here we are about 8 inches deep in the ground and we knew this ahead of time by planning system because this was the largest sprinkler that is going to be used in the back yard to cover this area. Here you have about 4 inches of depth as I'm cutting the riser your always keeping in mind of you original plans of knowing the type of sprinklers head that your going to use that would determine the depth that you are going to need because the pressure once it turns on we would go ahead and pop the sprinkler head over and it would be above the actual area that you are now seeing as the ground level. Here I'm measuring that and as I want to raise it up a little bit what I'm doing is cause this is a contrary I'm going to raise it to the level that I want it, add the dirt, add some rock a tree, whatever it is to stabilize that piping with the head on it. The more stable the better off it is going to work and maintain for years to come. So this is very important for you to clear that area you see how I just checked it with my hand I want to stay about level with the actual sidewalk. The remaining dirt will be put over that as a top soil which you would see later on. But the key thing here is again look at your height, determine from any obstacles and you land, where you want it to be, and then put something underneath for support and add the dirt as well for additional support as you will soon add water to this and it will make it hold really well for years to come. I'm Fernando and this is Expert Village.