Prices of 18th Century Chairs

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In these straight back slat backs chairs over here that you can see these are a little more common easier to find and less expensive if you can buy this chair in a range of $100 plus depending on the condition. This one has a redone seat something to keep in mind these seats can be fairly pricey, they charge a lot of places, today they will charge by the size of the seat. So they will measure it out and it can cost you at least $50 plus to replace a seat so that's something to keep in mind if you're going to buy a chair like this, without a seat in it or anyone of these chairs. That has the rush or this type of splint seat in it so a consideration for a total price in your chair if you have to replace the seats, that's something you consider. If you're going to buy a single or a set cause a set will cost you in a range of if you figure a $100-$150 chair, a set of 6 will cost you in a range of $700-$900. If you start off slowly their affordable or if you want to you can buy them in sets which is a little more expensive but they're fun things to search out. I would just highly recommend that you take a look at your resource books take a look at what these chairs look like in your local shops and then make a decision on what type of chair you might want to collect, and the price range you're going to pay so some of the things to consider when you're collecting 18th century chairs.