Windsor-Sheraton Chairs from the 18th Century

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I have two more examples here of a 18th century chairs that I want to show you today. One has some paint on it and ones been refinished quite a few years a ago. What you can see on these chairs where the seat cutout is pretty much I want to show you on both of these is very similar, here's the cutout on this plank seat here. You can see the same cutout on this chair or very similar cutout these plank seats are very similar this is a really small seat to it. This one is just a little bit bigger you can see on this one with the wear from the paint here at the top is a great example of some paint designed and it's still left on this chair. It makes this really interesting to me cause you can see the way there's actually a carving on the wood where there was paint, so that is a really nice example and the spindles you'll find that some have more spindles or less. This one has great ware you can see the exaggerated turning on the back of this Windsor it's a Sheraton that is really nice. You can see underneath on the construction the way this plank seat has been carved out it's really a nice example here. Also the wear on the spindles on the feet you can see they both have pretty good height this one has a lot more wear where you can, where someone put their foot in the same spot here, and really wore it down. You see where they cutout the turnings on here there's 3 turnings here and you can see the same example here there's one, two, three turnings here.