Using Epoxy Glue to Repair Wood Furniture

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Learn how to fix broken wooden furniture using an epoxy glue, with tips and techniques for repairing your old wooden chairs, in this free DIY video on home improvement. View Video Transcript

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This is Charles McMahon for Expert Village back to our repair of chair. We’ve tried different adhesives over the years for fixing chairs. We have to remember we are not restoring fine furniture here; we are just making utilitarian chairs to have a longer life. We’ve tried a product that would be best for restoring valuable furniture where you put this liquid on that makes the wood swell a little bit and that will do a temporary repair but with rough usage on chairs like this, that product finally works loose and you have to do it all over again. Another product is something we call monster glue; we’ve tried that and you can see a runoff down the side of some of that monster glue that turned out not to work either. What we’ve found that will hold the longest is epoxy, 2 part epoxy and we will say more about that later. That has been most successful. That is how this chair was repaired. You can see the remains of the epoxy in several places. Again, you have to remember we are not talking about fine furniture here, so these sorts of blemishes aren’t a big problem.