Comb Back Chairs from the 18th Century

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So when talking about collecting 18th century rockers I want to show you another example this is a later rocker about the 1800s. But the reason why I wanted to show you is because it has a comb back on it and I don't have a nice example of the 18th centuries. This is a little bit later but a great little Windsor thumb back rocker with the comb top on it. You can see this is what they're called an arrow back right here because it has the shape of an arrow and what's nice about this is you can see the exaggerated turnings. It's really on the back side here you can see the carving, this is one piece of wood that they turned and it's carved, so this is an exaggerated bend in the chair. So that it forms to your back and this has another exaggeration here to form to your head the downside of these chairs in fact that these spindles are really pretty, they're sturdy but they can only take so much abuse. You can see on this if I bend it down, you can see where on the back of the Windsor here where the slats enter the chair there's wear and splitting. You'll see a lot of times there's repair on the front of this chair if I turn it around you can see where they have actually pegged and that's old repairs, they pegged these spindles here. Because they loosen up over time and you can see where the wood is actually starting to split.