Walls & Pressure Washing Your House

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Properly pressure wash your walls by cutting in and around areas, and positioning your ladder to reach the high and low parts of the exterior in this pressure washing video. View Video Transcript

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Grady Johnson

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Hello! My name is Grady Johnson and I am a professional painter and today I represent expertvillage.com. Okay now we want to talk about how to pressure wash the exterior walls. Now when you are bringing down the walls, a couple of things to consider are the windows, the eaves in the fascia. Do all of that first and then do the actual wall surface. Since we already got that all done, we are just going to need to cut in and around these areas while we are pressure washing just by moving our wand one way or the other. A little something like this. You see this window here I am just going to turn my wand sideways and just cut that in. I've already done that part of the wall and I am going to bring the rest of the wall down. Do as much as you can reach on the high part and move your ladder out and do the bottom part. All right now that we've got all that brought down, we want to go ahead and move our ladder and bring up the bottom and then get the bottom area. You notice here that we have some plant life and we like the way that looks. So we want to keep that, so get back away from it. You can wash it but don't tear it up. This is how we pressure wash our walls on the exterior of our house.