How to Take Apart the Back of a Chair

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Disassemble the back of a wood chair. Learn how to glue a wood chair for furniture repair in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Now we've got the front and the back separated, we're going to take the back and disassemble it. Same technique we're going to just hold the chair up, put gentle pressure, keep working back and forth until you get that top crest rail off. You can see our dial is now exposed, you can see the old glue that's crumbling. All that needs to be cleaned up before we put it back together. Everything came apart nice and neat so we'll put it back the same way. Again we want to tap here and at the stretcher. In some cases, parts of the chair may be so tight they're not going to come apart and that's okay, we don't want to break it so we're going to let that part stay. This part is loose over here so we'll knock this side off. Now that we've got the whole back assembled, now we're running into a few problems. Some of the dials are clean some of them broke off. If this happens, we've got to do some more serious repair work to get this chair back together again. In essence that is what's involved is completely disassembling the chair. This guarantees when we put it back together again, it'll stay together.