How to Maneuver Around Corner Bends

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Learn how to maneuver around corner bends while installing a sprinkler system in this free landscaping video. View Video Transcript

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Fernando Chavez

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Hi this is Fernando we are here with Expert Village you installation of you water system around hard corners, bends, etc. and for the most parts most the angles are straight but here you could see when we where clearing the trench earlier that this is problem area. So what I was able to do is manipulate the pvc piping to create the layout that I need it. It was almost straight enough to pass where it is not crossing huge amounts of pressure of the piping to where it will break. Now I'm putting this stake in the ground for support to have a brace for the piping to lean against. This brace would act as a strong barer from the piping until the side and the rest of the soil it creates enough pressure to keep the piping to wanting to burst up. Another thing you could do to go around the corners is to kind of manipulate the piping as giving it a light bend to give it a little bit of a structure, to give it a little bit of shape to not embryo but to.