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So when you're collecting furniture of any kind, chairs in particular that were talking about I highly recommend that resources book like this are great to look through and have a lot of examples. This an early American antique country furniture, this is a great book I really like this book by Newman I highly recommend it. But there is a number of other books out there, lots of books put out like this about American Country Furniture it's just Country Furniture in particular this is just book 14. But this is a great book too but I like these especially because they give you a lot of example of books this is a great stand that everyone in the antique business likes to own and this is the furniture treasury. This is by Wallace Nutting and there's a couple of volumes that he has out and it has incredible history of examples of furniture for you to look through from the 15th century all the way up to about the 18th and 19th century. This has a great wealth of examples what I recommend if you're going to collect on any type of furniture look in your local museums find these types of chairs in there. Something you can look at maybe not handle but you can look at and see what the chair is suppose to look like and how the size and portion is suppose to look. Cause you really don't get that in a book but books are a great resource to start and getting an idea of time periods and styles, the types of wood, the types of construction so this is a great place to start if you're thinking about collecting 18th century chairs.