Get a Pressure Washer for Washing Your House

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Hello, my name is Grady Johnson and I'm a professional painter and today I represent Now we're going to talk a little bit about where to buy a pressure washer. Now, if you're going to by a pressure washer and you want to by new, I recommend you try buying one of these consumer end pressure washers. They're less expensive and they will do the jobs if you're just looking to maintain your house. Be sure it has decent PSI, if you're buying new you want to be sure it works great, about 1,000 to 1,500 PSI. Now, buying isn't the only option, you may wish to rent. Some of these can get pretty expensive, but there are several options available to you. Obviously you can go to a home improvement center and you can find both the electric and the gas powered pressure washers available for you in a variety of prices. Now, you're going to find if you're going to pick up a professional high end pressure washer 2,000 to 3,000 PSI, it's going to be kind of pricey from about 1,000 upwards to about 3 or 4,000 dollars. So if you're going to pick up something like that to get a gas powered pressure washer and you really want to get that for your house, then you're going to want to look on the internet. Now, the thing about the internet is you have to consider this is a very heavy, so it's got to be local pick up only. If you go on the internet, like like one of the auction sites or one of the service sites or sort of a buyer site and you do pick up the unit, be sure it's close to your house and that you have a truck you can pick it up with. Alright, another option is to go ahead and buy a consumer end pressure washer. These are cheap and they're real easy to move around, look how light it is, I can pick it up with one hand. Now, if you do that you can buy this out right and it's good for general maintenance on the house, you can even wash your car with it. Some of them even do simonizing, so there's several models to look at. Again, you can find these at the home improvement centers, but a lot of these are at handy homemaker centers and a lot of different stores like some of the departments stores even carry them or even a car shop. So you can look around and check it out. The thing to look for when you're buying that is what that PSI is, that's the most important or crucial thing when you're picking up one of these prosumer electric models. Be sure that everything is there, that you have the tips that you're looking for and that it all does work properly. Now, if you buy these off the internet, they don't weigh so much, so you might handle a little shipping, but sure you calculate that into your price. I always recommend whenever you're doing buying on the internet, go to the home improvement centers and price this stuff first. Be sure you know what the actual retail prices are before you buy on the internet. Also if you buy on the internet, always consider shipping cost, very important and if you can get a local pick up, tha