Cutting the Dowel to Repair a Wood Chair

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Learn how to cut the dowel to size when fixing broken wooden furniture, with tips and techniques for repairing your old wooden chairs, in this free DIY video on home improvement. View Video Transcript

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Charles McMahon

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Hi! This is Charles McMahon for Expert Village. In this step of fixing our broken chair, we are going to measure the length of the new dowels that are going to replace the broken spindles. So we have here a broken spindle; it’s broken off here at the bottom and if we measure this length, we find that it is about 9 ¾ inches. Now we have to add to that the length that is going to go into the hole, so we take some little wire, anything that fits into the hole, put it in here and we are going to measure that and it is just about an inch. So we are going to cut the dowel at 10 ¾ inches so that it will fit down into the hole and go into the hole in the upper part here of the chair.