How to Select a Rototiller

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Select a rototiller to fit the size of the garden being worked on. Choose the right rototiller with tips from a lawn-care specialist in this free video on garden equipment. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey, with Showplace Lawns, talking about tiller selection. As you see, we have two different style tillers here. This is the rear tine tiller, and there's different sizes of those, and this is a smaller application. This kind of tiller would be great to use in flower beds, and in small strip areas, both as a tiller, or a cultivator. They're lightweight, usually with enough handles to pick up, carry around, put where you need to, and operate. The bigger tiller models are for gardens, for redoing lawns, or some constructionary, where you're putting in large beds, and things of that nature. Various sizes of the rear tine, and the small one. Depending upon your application, what your needs are, and where you're going to use it the most, should dictate to you which one of these machines that you need.