How to Replace Dowels in Front of a Chair

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Replacing dowels in the front of chair. Learn how to glue a wood chair for furniture repair in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Now again with these old chairs it's the same problem we had in the back of the chair, we broke another dowel and we're going to go over here to our vice so that we have a little safety for our hands, we don't want to drill a hole through our finger so we're going to put this in the vice and tighten it up and again, we're going start with the small dowel and work our way up and finish off with the 3/8. Some chairs you get lucky and you don't have any broken dowels and then others; you end up with a whole bunch of them. Try to center this as much as possible and use this dowel as your guide, you don't want to lean in or out you want to kind of keep the same in parallel the drill bit with that dowel. Once you get that hole we're going to slowly work our way up. As long as you're standing fairly centered you can go right in with a 3/8 and clean it all up. Again we'll blow out the hole. Now we're ready to again apply our glue to the hole and the dowel, tap it in and we're ready to go. Also wipe off our excess, again we're not ready to put the chair quite back together yet and we don't want that drying on us and being a big lump in there so get all that excess dried off. That's part of repairing a dowel.