Stretching & Pressure Washing Your House

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Stretching your arms, hands, and shoulders to prepare your body for pressure washing a house in this free pressure washing video. View Video Transcript

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Grady Johnson

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Hello my name is Grady Johnson and I'm a professional painter and today I represent Now I want to talk a bit about preparing yourself for this work in other words warming up. It is a little important to stretch out a little bit before you do any kind of physical exercise. Now when we are working with a pressure washer we are using a gun so that means we are going to be using alot of finger work. Now you will cramp up that hand in no time if you don't stretch it out so grab the tips of the fingers and pull them all the way forward just pulling your thumb on the back of your hand and get a nice stretch all the way up your arm like that. Repeat the same thing on the other hand. Do that a couple of times and get a couple of good stretches. Then grab your wrist and pull that over your head. Once you got that grab the other wrist and pull it back the other way. Then let your arm fall on down and then just drop down to your spine. Hang there for a second, pull yourself back up and then just roll your shoulder just a little bit. Just kind of warming up like this and loosing up a little bit will keep you from getting cramps or spasm when you are working. Now the reason we did a little bit with the hands is because we are going to be working a gun today. Now also you want to pull this arm over, pull this arm over and then stretch out the legs. Now that is just leaning over to the sides you get a good stretch on that inner muscle. Do that a couple of times and then just simply repeat the process and you want to do this until you feel like your muscles are stretched out. There is not specific pattern you have to do but I recommend that you do all of these to enable your self to get everything done and you determine when you are done it is not 2-5 or whatever. Its when you feel whenever you are ready to go your muscles would talk to your believe me they will especially they will talk to you. But these are the basic movement in stretching exercise you need to prepare yourself to pressure wash your house.