How to Pick Astilbe Bulbs

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. Astilbe's are one of the most beautiful flowers you can plant in your shade garden. I have heard it pronounced many different ways and they are all okay. They are native to the mountains of Asia, China, through China, and also they can be found in North America. Some are native to parts of North America so if you are looking for more native flowers these are also a good choice. They bloom in the summer which is really pretty to have lots of color in your shade and they look like big feathers to come up and the foliage is pretty too. They have got kind of pink edges especially the pink one; the darker color reddish pink one has varigated foliage. It has an edge that is pink as well and the roots are just kind of a clump of rhysomes or roots so they do not look like a whole lot and people are going to look at it and say what is that, is that really going to grow but it really does. Each point will make an eye when you plant it and it will come up and make its own plant. Every single plant will make a new plant so as long as it has a clump or a runner or an eye you can get it to grow. They bloom in the summer so you can pretty much plant them year round. It does not matter when you plant them. They will get on track and bloom for you in the summer. In our next segment we are going to talk about Lily of the Nile, Agapanthus.