Pigeon Hole Chairs from the 18th Century

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One more example of a Sheraton spindle back they call a pigeon hole chair is right here it's got a exaggerated plank seat here fairly comfortable to sit in. It's got a wide seat to it which on a lot of these chairs you'll find that narrow and not very deep. This one in particular has a deep wide plank seat in it which adds a little bit to the comfort you can see the cutouts on here. It's very similar in Sheraton design you can see this example here just like we showed you earlier on another chair. In a Sheraton style this has a continued arm on it, here the spindle backs are almost on the top here one center post. I'm going to show you on the bottom here of the plank as you get a little idea of what the bottom rung is damages you can see here I'm going to show you where it's pulled out. That happens from people putting there foot on there and put too much pressure on it and it tears the post right out so that's something to watch out for. A lot of times these would be repaired and you won't even know it when you buy it so this is an example, this one is pulled out but what they do is reglue this back and you would hardly notice it. So when you're looking at a chair like this what you want to do is turn it upside down take a look at the back take a look underneath try to look at the corner joints where the spindles are connected. So that you can see if there's any damaged done to them that's a good example of damaged done to the spindle which is not unusual and what happens is just they replace them or the years. So this is another example of a shape of a Sheraton chair.