Decorating with 18th Century Chairs

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When collecting these chairs obviously you want to display them in your house but I find what's really impressive is when you go into these earlier homes or homes of people who collected these types of chairs. When you put them together with a combination of early american furniture its very impressive. But they also have a lot of function and use left into this chair is really a pretty common chair easy to find not that expensive, easy to repair if it needs repair the only thing that I would say is to be careful when your buying a chair like this. Make sure that it has a enough height and its comfortable but you can sit in it but this chair you can use anywhere in your house. You can set this at the farm table in a line of 3-4 on each side, you can use it behind a desk, in a bathroom, in a bedroom these chairs are really pretty functional in a house. They can go in any style house it doesn't have to be an early American home, other examples are these rockers. These rockers are not exactly I don't highly recommend that people use these if your going to have your first child, it's not the kind of chair you want to sit and rock in. It's not as durable it doesn't hold a person with any amount of weight to them, the ware on the bottom of the rockers themselves can be really worn. It makes it uncomfortable they don't rock really well so I wouldn't recommend using these for a real functional unless you find one that is in really really good shape. And the construction is really strong enough but on average your not going to find these chairs that are really functional. So I wouldn't recommend to use them there great to decorate in a house with great to display in your rooms. But for use not exactly the most functional chairs, the windsor you can find in array of windsors out there really functional they display well, you can use these chairs in a functional way of a dining rooms and behind desk and any room in the house. So this is just a few examples but something to thing about when you start to collect these chairs because when you actually put them in your house you want to use them so that's another consideration when your collecting 18th century.