Reversed Banister 18th Century Chairs

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So talking about collecting 18th century chairs I wanted to show you another example this is an arm chair right here we've shown you 2 other chairs initially and now I want to show you an arm chair. On this arm chair you can see it's a great example it has a splint seat as oppose to rush seats so this is a variety of different styles of seats you'll find. But this seat has been in here quit a long time you can see there's ware on the paint that was on the seat it's practically gone. But it's still there so you can see a lot of ware there if you look at this arm chair looking at the arm your going to see theres ware. Literally ware where the hands have been put on this chair for over 300 years this is a great example of 1750's banister back and this is actually a reversed banister on it. They change these around just for comfort styles are the same you can see here if you compare the 2 chairs next to each other you can see the reverse banister here, this wasn't as comfortable as it is with a flat. Because you have these little bulges that are popping into your back so they reverse them but still you can find this reverse banister out there they have them out there to collect.