Reversed Banister 18th Century Chairs: Part 2

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Now the tops you see a little bit different arched and you'll find these chairs with different types of arches on the top here of the chairs. You can see another example and also the finial here on the chair is a little bit different all hand carved you can see on the arms the arms are very similar. Turnings are a little different on here you have a larger turning and a shorter turning here and if you follow the chair down the arms are much longer the shorter on the arm chair is oppose to the chair without the arm. So that's a little example of 2 different styles of the banister back and I also want to show you on this chair you can see some of the original the red paint there's red there's little bits of it left here on the bottom part of the chair. As oppose to the upper half of the chair and you can see the construction of these chairs they were made with multiple different types of wood. You have ash you have maple you might even find some oak in these chairs and this is another great example of what you need to look for in these chairs. A lot of ware you can see this where this has literally worn down on the top and it's flatten out and it's worn down here perfect example of a really nice ware on a early banister back chair. So a few tips to look for when you want to collect these kinds of chairs you want to make sure that the feet sometimes what happens the feet get worn down so much that people put blocks on these chairs to build them up. To make them higher that does not help the chair when you want to collect I would watch out for that type of addition to this chair like this or any of these earlier chairs. People will add pieces to the bottom just to build them up so there high enough to sit in and to make them look like there the right height so one of the things to look watch for when your collecting a banister. Is to make sure that the waring is going to happen you don't necessarily want a chair with a rotten feet that are worn down to the point where the chair looks way to short. So one way to tell when you look at these rung if this rung is very close to the floor then you can see in this chair here where the feet are really worn you can see how that wrong is much more lower than the other. So that's a really good thing to look for when your looking at these banister back chairs that will scream right out to you that there's ware on the bottom of these feet's and you got to expect that theres going to be since they've been around a very long time. So those are some of the things to look for when your out looking at banister back chairs.