How to Finish Gluing a Chair

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Putting the finishing touches on a glued wood chair. Learn how to glue a wood chair for furniture repair in this free video. View Video Transcript

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We've got the chair re-glued, we've got all the glue gaps back in, we've got it all reassembled and it's really firm. This is a similar chair, to the one we were working on so it gives you the same idea, you've got stretcher components, you got the front legs, side rails here and front rail. This chair happens to have arms on it, which is just another step, remove the arms and put them back on. The glue gaps are all secured and usually you'll find, after the chair sits, there will be a little bit of glue running down the leg and all we do then, take our chisel and we'll scrape that old glue off or peel it off with our fingernail. Then we want to clean it off, a little bit. What we use is just a furniture polish "Old English," things like that will work just fine, that's all this is. We're going to apply it to the chair, especially anywhere you seen the old glue, that was hung-up. It just smooth's it out and gives it a little cleaner, fresher look. You can let this oil sit on here for an hour or you can take it right back off again, it all has, about, the same affect. You are not in any hurry to remove it, it's not going to harm anything, if you leave it on here, it's not going to harm the finish, it's just on the surface to remove any of the abrasions we might have made with the mallet, clamps or the glue residue. We want to clean it up and make it look nice, so when you present it back to the customer, they're happy with it and it looks like a new chair. Now we're going to wipe that down. The last thing we're going to do, again, we took that seat off and it's kind of hard to sit in that chair, without the seat so we're going to reattach the seat cushion. Make sure everything lines up nice, we're going to put our screws back in, with our Philips head. One last screw and that does it. We've got a nice clean chair and it's really stout and good for another 20 or 30 years.