Queen Anne Side Chairs: Part 2

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The other things I want to show you here is where the dogs chewed on the corners and you'll find this on a lot of chairs this happens. Which is to bad you can rerepair you can fix this but to invest in it I would not recommend investing in a chair like this the seats yes it can be replaced but these pieces well you can replace them but you don't want to. So when looking at a chair like this it's not something you want to invest in you can see the great ware here which is really typical and you'll see it on most of the chairs I'm showing you today. This is a wonderful example of ware you should see on a chair that's this age so that's something to look for when your collecting. You'll see there made up of different types of woods maple and ash and some oak secondary woods, I also want to show you an example here this is ware you can see where the foot has been replaced on this on the back here. I'll show you on the other side thats what I've been telling you about that you should look for and a chair of this age people do that. What happens is that they rot and they're not useful they cut them off and replace them and that's probably part of the reason why you have this chair tilting backwards. That's one thing to watch out for when your buying a chair this period because these chairs can be very expensive and if your going to invest in a chair like this you want to make sure that the chair is in good condition. And the retail value when you go to sell it or if you do want to sell it will stay and also just ecstatically in your house it's really pleasing to see something thats been chewed up. For me when I like to buy a chair I like to buy it in best original condition that I can buy without replacing or changing anything on the chair at all. That's the ideal situation but you can usually find these kind of chairs much cheaper because of the condition this one is in. But I would not highly recommend buying it or investing.