Seats: Part of 18th Century Chairs: Part 2

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This is another example of rush seat and this one has a lot of ware on it not unusual it's dries out the ones that they put on today are made of paper there not like the original ones where they went to the bogs and they actually pulled these rushes out of the bogs and did them that way. The paper seats tend to not last quit as long but they have a thicker heavier you can see here this is a thinner seat the weave on it here the way it's turning and I'll show you over here on this rush seat. You can see it's a paper rush and this over here has a much thicker weave to it that's a wider but it's made of paper so it's not going to last and it doesn't have the same color or patina to it. It's very dry looking you can if you want stain these down and obviously if the seats gone you want to put something in it. There are people that would use natural rush in there but economically you want to have a paper seat put in it's a lot cheaper so that's something to think about when your rerushing a seat or resplinting a seat. This is paper and I don't particularly it's not my first choice but you'll see a lot of this out there so you can recognize it when your looking at these chairs. Something to think about if your buying a chair that doesn't have a seat and you need to put one in so that's a little a few examples of the different types of seats on these 18th century chairs.