How to Clean Joints on a Chair's Back

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Clean a wood chair's joints before working with them. Learn how to glue a wood chair for furniture repair in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Now that we've got the chair apart we've got some problems with old glue residue here and there and just kind of a grungy look. We want to get all that cleaned off so when we put the new glue in there we'll get a really nice tight fit. What we're going to use is a couple of old chisels, we don't want to use anything really nice and sharp so we're going to use these because they're fairly sharp but their older and not the real expensive ones that we use for carving. We want to just scratch off all that old glue, get it all removed. You might even do a little scraping. You can see the glue residue in here. You want to make sure you get all that off, the more you get off the better the chair is going to go back together and the longer it's going to last. The other tool we use is a drill. Most holes in chairs the dials are 3/8 of an inch diameter so we're going to take a 3/8 inch drill bit. Just run it in there and clean out some of the old glue. Then if you've got an air compressor handy you can simply clean out the joint a little bit easier. That's the receiving end, the mating end is the dial side and again we have some old glue residue on there so we want to just scrape some of the glue off there. The other tool we'll use is a file. It's got a rough edge to it and we can just simply work it around removing some of that old glue. Again, scraping everywhere you see the glue you want to get that scraped off. We do that throughout the whole chair, every joint needs to be cleaned, processed and ready to go so when we put the glue back in there, we got a nice tight fit.