What Should a Trench Look Like?

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Hi this is Fernando we are here with Expert Village we are going over a water system and particularly we are talking about what the trench should look like for your pvc as it is going to enter. Here you could see the trench is about 6 inches deep and the spread is 3 to 4 inches wide. You can wider if you desire to give your self a more free space edges are a little bit more tighter then the others and we new exactly where we where going to go with it so we felt comfortable against this wall here we gave ourselves more depth and protection from the fence and just sharing that this piping would stay down okay. So you are viewing what your trenches should look like and this should give you a good idea to what you should expect and how far you actually have to dig to create the proper environment for your actual pvc piping to be laid with your sprinklers. This dirt isn't a huge, it wasn't very hard it was typical soil, if you are working with rock environments there some other steps you are going to have to take and a lot more labor and intensive.