Assembly of Wood Chair: Part 2

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Another tool that we can use to speed this up a little bit is what we call a shoemaker’s rasp; you can see it’s curved on one side and flat on the other. We have to be careful with this so we don’t take too much off but we can get material off the diameter here a little faster with this rasp and back to the sandpaper again. This will take a little time here. Okay to speed this job up, we can use one of these course blocks, foam ceramic block that will take stuff off faster than sandpaper and you sort of wear a little hole or little depression in this block about the size of the dowel. Let’s see if we can fit this in here. We are getting pretty close to the depth that we need here. Okay, now we’ve got this thing assembled dry, we tap it in here with a rubber mallet and we can see that it is pretty solid.