Aligning the Gazebo Vertical Beam

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Aligning the vertical beam when you are building a gazebo, making sure everything is straight and even and using a level in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! Welcome back to Expert Village and my name is Charlie Folkman and today we are going to continue building our gazebo. Now that we have all our furring strips in, it is time to go ahead and attach our lattice but first thing before we attach our lattice, we are going to make sure these are plumb. Plumb means they are straight up and really even. Now this is our level. We go ahead and we stick it against the side here and we follow the bubble. We want the bubble right between these two lines. So it looks like this probably needs to come in to us a little bit. So that would be plumb right there and on this side and on this side. How we are going to keep them plumb is go ahead and cut yourself a little strip of something like this. Run a screw into one side of it. Don't break through the whole thing. Now you are going to want to attach this here, about a good height up. Give me some pressure over here and go ahead and screw it in like that. Now when we get this all plumb what we are going to do is have another screw that is going to screw into this side and hold it for us so we can cut our lattice and get our lattice attached.