How to Repel Loiterers

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Repelling loiterers requires setting boundaries that create an inhospitable environment for them so that business can be conducted as usual. Get ideas for keeping loiterers at at distance with information from a business owner in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hi I am Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to repel loiterers. Now a loiterer is anyone that hangs out in front of a business or a restaurant and just hangs out and stops them from doing a business. Whether it is teenagers hanging out in front of the movie theater or a restaurant on a Friday night or for me personally I do farmer's markets and I sell plants at farmer's markets and we're in downtown Portland and there are homeless people, there are political activists, there are all types of people that hang out on the corners for their own reasons and they have a right, we're in a free country and they have a right to be there but they stop me from doing my business as usual and it is very frustrating. So I know personally how upsetting loiterers can be to a business. You are in the middle of talking to a customer and at the same time they are hawking whatever they are trying to sell or they are interrupting your sales or they're stopping people from even getting near your booths or your restaurant or your store. So there are a few things that you can do to stop the loiterers. Well first of all the police are usually no help at all. I've tried that one and as long as the loiterers are not stopping people from coming into your establishment and not stopping the actual entrance then if they are hanging out in the windows or hanging on to the sides there is nothing that they will do. If they're not really harassing the customers directly there is nothing that they can do legally. It is a public area, public streets are public areas so I personally have tried talking to them and asking them to support small business in America and to not stand where they are standing and maybe just give me a few more feet and that usually works for a little while but it doesn't work in the end. So really the only way that you can stop them is to set barriers. So I have even put, we were at a garden show and the same people were hanging out right in front of our fruit all the time so we just put some poles with some ropes just like in the theaters we roped it off so sometimes if you rope off at least an aisle way and put a sign that says please keep open they will honor that. Just by having that blocked area and that rope way it will stop them from coming into that area. A lot of times if it is an area where you could block it in a little more too, you just put some items like trees, put some potted plants and put anything in the area where they are standing because the loiterers have to have an area to stand. So if they are up against a wall and there is enough room for traffic or for sidewalk space, if you put some plants or something in the way so that they can't stand right where they're at that stops them as well. Sometimes if you put signs up that says please no loitering right where they are standing that helps sometimes too but what works more than anything even if you don't do it is to put signs up to say this area is on camera, this area is monitored by camera and even if you don't have a camera sometimes it will stop them from doing their thing and there is all types of fake cameras that you can buy too that you can put up to make them think that they are on camera because a lot of times loiterers won't do what they are doing if they think they are on camera and that makes all the difference in the world. If none of those tactics work and you live or work in a big city you might have to invest in a security guard. There are all types of companies that you can hire as a security guard and just having someone in a suit walking around as a security guard is enough to stop the loiterers. But good luck and I hope that this helps.