Slat Back 18th Century Chairs

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So talking about collecting 18th century chairs I want to show you another example of a slat back chair this one has a new seat in it it hasn't had any staining put on it it's pretty obvious that it's a new seat. Not unusual for these chairs your talking about 18th century this is probably mid 1750's might even be a little earlier some of the things to look for are the 3 slats the four slats on the back. You can see this exaggerate turnings on here which is really neat this is the part that I like so much about these chairs. Somebody really exaggerated this turning with the ball turning on top and you can see the ware on the inside of this chair on the turnings. Just ware from age and you'll also see whats really typical and I'll show you in the back of this chair is the pegs that is holding this construction together. And the lines that they used in there construction so this is a really very typical of a 18th century chair and what it should look like. You will see there's a little bit of damage here and ware that's not unusual these chairs have been around a long time they've gone through a lot of use from people sitting on them. But it's amazing to me still that they hold up the way they do cause this is a really sturdy chair you can see that it's pretty functional easy chair to fit anywhere in your home.