How to Pick Daffodil Bulbs

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. We are going to continue on our discussion of daffodils and the different varieties. This is Thalia; this is one of my favorite daffodils. It's shorter, it’s like a Paper White, fragrant and it can be forced inside or you can put it outside. That's the thing about daffodils, they grow great inside forced as well. Incredible fragrance and its not as tall as the Paper White, so it doesn’t fall over very easily. Okay, this is poeticus Actaea. It's mentioned by Shakespeare in his poems and it is just lovely. It has a slight fragrance and it has the white with the orange circle in the yellow center and it just really adds a lot of pizzazz to your garden. Okay, Sir Winston Churchill. Anybody that realizes, as my husband says, that he is the greatest man that every walked the earth, would love to have a Sir Winston Churchill in their yard. There is incredible fragrance again like a Paper White that can be forced indoors or you can throw them outdoors. They will grow almost anywhere. And my favorite is Tahiti, I love it has a yellow with and orange center and when they are blooming in March, when there is no other color, no other orange color in my yard, it makes me realize that summer is around the corner and I just have a little bit more to wait and I just love it in my yard. Daffodils are very, very rewarding for garden. Pretty much they are critter proof, they are not too invasive. You can keep track of them and you plant them now and you enjoy them for many years to come. Following the daffodil blooms we have alliums on our next segment.