Removing Bad Spindles in Wood Furniture Repair

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Learn how to remove bad spindles to fix broken wooden furniture, with tips and techniques for repairing your old wooden chairs, in this free DIY video on home improvement. View Video Transcript

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This is Charles McMahon from Expert Village. One of the things that we have to do here before we try to put this back together is that we have to make sure all the other dowels here are tight enough and we shake them a little bit; we find out that they are. This one of course has to come out because it is broken so we have to take this out. This one turns out to be pretty loose. You can pull this thing right out and you can see the remains of the old epoxy; epoxy doesn’t last forever, so we are going to clean this epoxy off and re-epoxy in here when we put the new ones in. Also, you can see this whole piece was repaired. There’s a screw in here holding this split back together; this was glued. These screws were a bit loose so we are going to tighten them up before we go any farther, so we will do this with our drill. Just take our drill bit out here and put in a Phillips driver and we will tighten this up moving the speed to the slow speed, screwing things in and just make sure that these get tightened. Okay, that is reasonably tight. This isn’t going to be a perfect repair but it will be good enough for a while. Okay, so the next thing we have to do is take this one out, this broken one out, doesn’t come out very readily, so we are going to have to get a tool to do this.