Installing the Gazebo Firing Strip

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Installing the firing strip when you are building a gazebo, attaching our lattices to the beams and using a pencil and ruler to make the proper marks on the beams in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! Welcome back to Expert Village. My name is Charlie Folkman and today we are going to continue building our gazebo. Okay the next step after we have all our beams in place is we are going to take these furring strips and attach them to the beams. Now these furring strips are for us to attach our lattices to. Now since our lattice is half an inch thick, we are going to want to set these half an inch from the edge. This way our lattice is nice and flush with the outside of the beams. Okay so what we are going to go ahead and do is hand the ruler and the pencil here to Richard and have him mark in half an inch just one mark and we will do that about every foot down the beam; half inch there. Okay I will go ahead and take over from here. Okay so that gives us our basic layout.