Comb Back Chairs from the 18th Century: Part 2

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Really nice example though of a comb back Windsor from around the 1800s it has great wear on the bottom this is what you want to look for when you're buying a chair. The wear you can see it literally worn almost flat on the bottom here on the wrung that's something that's really typical for a chair that was used over the years. So that something to look for when you're thinking about buying a chair like this. You can also see where they used a clever way to add the arrow back spindle on the sides are flat so it's comfortable. You can see that the style is pretty uniformed, this is a really nice portion chair it has everything going for it, I would say really good condition for its age. It needs a little oil on it you can see where the color is literally bleached out of the chair. If you take some kind of oil or wax onto this chair it will bring out the patina on this chair, it's obviously been stripped down over the years and you'll find that most chairs are. I have a few examples in the 19th century chairs that I can show you where the original paint on them but it's very hard to find original paint in very expensive to buy. These are the chairs you will find more often than the painted ones, painted ones are out there but you have to expect to pay a lot of money on collecting original paint chairs. So this is just an example of a comb back Windsor from right around the 1800s and so now you had a few examples of the 18th century and now we're going into the 19th century.