What Is a Pressure Washer?

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Hi I'm CR Willey with Expert Village today. We're going to teach how to clean and pressure wash your houses, driveways, pool decks. This is my buddy Darren. First thing you want to do is wear rubber boots, some loose fitting clothing. I preferably like to wear a long sleeved tee. Try to keep the grime from getting all over me, mold, mildew, etc. So you always want to check your fluids before you get started. You want to make sure you have enough gas in the tank; you want to have some oil, an oil check. It's like pit road, you've got to get your machine ready. Hoses are clear of your feet so they don't trip you up. Anybody can do it, pressure washing is for everybody. Let's start with the grime. We're going to go to the top of the soffit here. We're going to work from top to bottom. You want to go from the top of the house, work down, because the water runs down. It's going to moisten the wall where you can get some water on it. So you want to wet the surface before you start pressure washing, so it loosens up some of the filth. So here we go, Expert Village, let's hook up the pressure washer and get her going.