Watering Container Gardens

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Watering container gardens is essential to their growth, and larger pots may only need water a few times a week while a smaller container requires daily watering. Keep a container garden moist, sure to provide adequate drainage, with helpful advice from... View Video Transcript

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Watering is critical to growing healthy plants, and it's very important to water correctly. You can see here that I have a water breaker on the end of my hose, this way I get a nice gentle stream of water rather than a strong jet, which ca actually damage the plants. When I'm watering my container garden, I want to water it enough so that water will seep through the entire container, and I always think that I'm done watering when I begin to see water dripping out of the bottom of the container. But you can see I'm just gently moving my water source around so I make sure I get all the soil good and wet. Depending on where you live and how warm it is and what time of year it is, you might have to water a container like this once a day. Larger containers may only need to be watered a few times a week, but generally speaking, plants in a container will need to be watered more frequently than plants that are planted in the ground.