How to Set Times on Sprinkler Controller

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I'm Fernando we are here with Expert Village and we are going over setting the control for your timer. Now with your timer each timer is individual and it comes with actual instructions if you are not familiar with how to operate this timer we ask that you seek a electrician because there is electrical power and you would need to know what you are actually doing. Here you could see the control knobs and each valve would indicate would have there own indicator so what you want to do is you want to set the timer for the whole lawn at once and it will facilitate if you set it up for certain valve to turn on, on certain times and for the duration for the actual water flow. So again it is very important that each valve timer is different that you go ahead and you take the time to read your instructions and if you have any questions please call and hire a professional. Hi I'm Fernando we are here with Expert Village we are going over installing a water system and there are many items and details that are necessary for installing a system and before you get started the first thing I know you want to jump in to your dirt put it is very important that you actually take the time to plan. Plan by first of all by calling your department water,power, your gas, to have them mark any areas that your particularly going to cut into. The last thing your want to do is cut a pipe, break a gas line, anything which could be potentially dangerous, harmful and even, costly so by taking a little bit of extra time and contacting your city and letting them know hey I'm thinking about digging a little bit in my yard and they would send somebody out to take care of that. I am Fernando and you've have been listen and watching Expert Village.