Queen Anne Side Chairs

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So I'm going to show you another 18th century chair this chair is probably about 1760 it's a Queen Anne side chair and it has a lot of things going on that aren't right. I want to show you some this is an example of things to watch for when your buying a chair like this. It has great turnings on the top and the sides here you can see in the back the carving the hand carving done here. Wonderful carved out piece you can see how it's carved on here and the ware and the patina is great on this chair. Some of the problems that you can see here are small breaks up here where there pegged together there's some breaking which is not unusual because this is a very weak point in the chair. You can also see that this chair is tilt backward which is not great form to look at, it's not great chair to invest in either. You want a chair that sits upright this is probably been reglued a number of times and it just doesn't sit the form doesn't sit well.