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Welding and fence costs on wrought iron fences, different types of pickets and learn about tubes and gauges in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Terry, and I'm here to tell you today about building a wrought iron fence. Okay, we're going to talk a little bit about cost. Cost can run at..We're going to talk about individual materials first, and then we'll get in to the prices per say. When you go to picking your picketts out, if you don't want just plain picketts, this is a basket with like a four bar, a round bar welded together. That will run you about six bucks a piece. This is steel that has been pounded and forbs in a forge. Those run about eight bucks a piece and there's various types as you can see that you can order out of any king metal catalog. This is one that we did ourselves and after we make them, we add up the cost, and it's basically about what it would cost you if you bought if from the manufacturer. This one, we did in a forbs ourselves. We twisted it in a vice. Those run about four bucks a piece. There's nothing extravagant to it. Then this one here you buy the collar and you put it one the flat stock itself. The collar's about a dollar twenty-five, and this piece of square stock runs about ninety-five cents a foot. So you've got four feet there, so you're talking six buck, six or seven bucks. This is another pickett you can buy. It's call a belly pickett, because it has a belly like this. You can turn it to where it's facing out, or you can turn it to where you get your design like this. Either way, there's many ways to put it. So then when we're talking about material for your bottom rail, your middle rail, or your top rail, which we call the hand rail, we use this two by one. It runs roughly about a dollar and a quarter to a dollar fifty a foot, depending on, you know, shipping and transportation prices and all that. What we use for the pickett is a three quarter inch piece of tubing, that is, it's light gauge, it's about seventy-five dollars a stick. It runs seventy-five cents a foot. We used one inch here on the bottom for the bottom rail and it runs about ninety-five cents a foot. So when you get all that figured in, with time and labor, and materials, you're talking, this rail here, just the picketts without the vines would run you somewhere around fifty, fifty dollars a foot, with the vines because they're forbs and hammered. With the vines and everything together would run you approximately about eighty-five to ninety dollars a foot, and that's linear feet.