Windsor-Sheraton Chairs from the 18th Century: Part 2

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Nice examples this has ware on the spindles to something that you need to look for in this chair when you go to buy it there's a very typical weak spot on these chairs. You can see on this construction here where they tried to repair it this is not unusual it happens quite often and more of these chairs or not, you're going to find out that there's damage up here on these chairs. This one is in fairly good shape it hasn't been no one tried to drill anything into it but you can see on the side where there is some damage. And that is a really weak point in the chair something that you should make sure to look at when you're looking to buy a chair like this. This is not the kind of chair that someone for 200 pounds could sit in and lean back on and that it would hold them. This is a great construction but not a very tough construction as you can see here a lot of damage on this and the same thing on this chair. I find that 90% of them out there have damage in that area so things to consider when you're buying a chair like this. Try not to buy something that's been drilled with screws or the ideal thing to buy is paint if you can find it, it's more expensive but I prefer if you can find it with a little bit paint. I prefer to buy it that way some people don't want the refinish pieces like this but something to keep in mind this chair will run you about $125 somewhere in that range depending on if there's screws replacing here. This is not as expensive this is about an $80 chair so a little bit of a difference in price range when you find repairs like this on this type of Sheraton chair.