Tips for Making a Barometer

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Hi I'm Gary for Expert Village. Today we're going to make a really fun science project. We're going to make a barometer and especially during the winter months is a really fun kind of activity because you can really predict all different types of weather. The way it works is we're going to take a glass jar and we're going to seal it air tight and we're going to put around the top a elastic balloon. A regular balloon like a party balloon and we're going to seal it shut around the sides then we're going to make the measurements on our poster board according to the, our calculations and our measurements of the weather and the surroundings around us. So it's a really fun science project that's also a fun arts and crafts project and you can really learn a lot because we're always affected by the weather and we always grow up seeing all these big fancy weather maps with a bunch of H's and L's for the highs and the lows and now we can actually understand what those things mean so get ready to do a really fun project.