How to Lay Sod

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Learn how to lay sod after installing a sprinkler system in this free landscaping video. View Video Transcript

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This is Fernando with Expert Village and here we are looking at the laying of actual sod on our land. We have taken dirt, we ran water, and now we want to actually lay the sod. When you lay the sod it is very important that your A that you have your materials, knee pads, protection for your self but when you lay the sod you do not lay them with the angle where that corner angle is right there how it is not lined up where the other line is. So no two lines are following the lines with each other. What that does is when the grass grows it allows it to create a even feel throughout the whole backyard. Here I'm going ahead and cutting a little bit of excess sod to keep the consistency in the lines and the pattern cause there is a pattern where you never want to lay it down completely same jigsaw type of action where you just never it 2 perpendicular lines in being parallel with each other. You always want your perpendicular lines to intersect the other piece of sod. I'm Fernando and with Expert Village.