How to Assemble a Chair's Back with Glue

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Reassembling a wood chair's back with glue. Learn how to glue a wood chair for furniture repair in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Ok, so now we have our chair back together again, we have repaired all of our broken dowels, cleaned all of our joints, we have applied glue in the hole on all the dowel parts. We have put everything back together gently by hand and tapped it together. You just want to use a little bit of force to bring all the joints back together, once you get the back of the chair ready, lay it on it's face you are going to apply pressure with clamps, what this does is brings the joints completely together and gets them extra tight. So again, we don't want to crush the chair, we want to be centered right on the base of the rail, put fairly nice tight pressure then we are going to rotate the chair over, and we are going to put pressure from the top rail down, this will tighten these joints here, we have these joints tight, one more clamp to get the other one. Again this snug pressure you don't want to crush it, cause you could break this piece if you get too much pressure. Once you get that clamped up, just set it aside for now. Let that glue do its work and dry up and we'll start up on the other part of the chair.