Where to Buy a Black Rose

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Black roses can be bought at many florists, online, or they can be made at home by using food coloring to dye the petals. Understand the difference between a natural black rose and a dyed black rose with plant information from a sustainable gardener in... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about where to buy a black rose, and what is a black rose. Now, black roses have a long and kind of mysterious history, and there really is no such thing as an actual black rose. Black roses are actually either dark, dark, dark red; there are some dark red varieties that really show up almost black but they're still red, or they're just a red or white rose that's been painted or dyed black. And it's really easy to do, whether you use spray paint, or dye, or food coloring there's a few tricks that I can show ya'. So, any black dye will work if you're dying it, so just set some; whether it's leather dye or food coloring into a bowl, and make sure that you've got plastic over the bowl, or put it into something that you're recycling already so it doesn't matter if it dyes it black. I found when dying it's better to use a white rose, because a white rose will soak up the black much quicker and turn black; whereas, if you use a dark red rose, it still stays pretty red. It'll get a lot of black in it, but it'll still show quite red. And if you're spray painting, it really doesn't matter what color you start with, because a black rose will turn black no matter what color it starts, and I'll show you real quick. So, we just spray painted this rose yesterday and it's dried actually pretty nicely, but you can see right here where it's actually a red rose that we've just painted black. Now, most local florists, if you ask em', will do it for you. They'll either paint it, or they'll dye them for you, and it might cost a little more than just buying a rose by itself, or there's companies online that deliver too that specialize in black roses. For example, a company called The Black Rose Company sells black roses directly, and will ship anywhere in The United States. And even if you live anywhere in the world all you need to do is buy any color rose, and either paint it or dye it black. And you don't have to be Gothic, or don't have to wear all black, or be in mourning to understand that there's something unique about black roses, and they're so unusual and mysterious. A lot of people will just dry a red rose and it turns almost black, and then give that, a dried rose, and that's also known as a black rose. You can buy em' online, you can get them from your local florist, or you can dye them yourselves, or paint them yourself. If you have black roses in your house they will sure to be a conversation piece.