Installing Gazebo Side Lattice

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Installing Gazebo Side Lattice - Provided by eHow
Installing the side lattice when you are building a gazebo, using excess materials, predrilling and using the proper bits in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! Welcome back to Expert Village and my name is Charlie Folkman and today we are going to continue building our gazebo. So now we are going to go ahead and attach our lattice. Now if you remember these are the 4 foot pieces which were the excess from the roof lattice so we are going to go ahead and use these since we don't want to make any more waste and use as much material that we already have as possible so that way we don't have to make a second trip to the lumber yard. Now how you install these is go ahead and put them in their slots, make sure they are nice and even on this side and it comes out to the corner on this side. Since this wood is so thin, we want to go ahead and pre-drill these holes first. So we will start over here and pre-drill a couple of holes. Now we have our holes pre-drilled, we are going to go ahead and change our bits, grab ourselves a couple of screws, start here on the first hole that we drilled and just drill them in snuggly.