Collecting 18th Century Chairs

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Today talking about 18th century chairs I hope that I can show you how exciting it can be because I love to collect these chairs they have a lot of history they got a lot of age. There made of many different types of wood today you'll see a lot of our New England chairs these chairs that we have right here to show your are banister back chairs. There hand turned they pegged there construction is really solid you can see that they lasted from the 1700's so there made really well. You can see the aged with a patina on them and you'll see on these chairs that there's a lot of these chairs have been refinished over the years. The paint has come off or the staining has come off and they have been worn down you can see on the fronts of these chairs like here you'll see in a lot of them this ware is just incredible. It doesn't happen overnight it takes hundreds of years to get like this so these are some examples that we'll show you of how to look for and what types of chairs are available that were made during the 17th century. And how well the craftsmen put these chairs together you can see I'm just going to show you a really quick example here on the back the theres incredible detail here with carvings that they left on this chair. Very well worn down but these are some of the examples that we'll show you in today's series of 18th century chairs.