Starting the Machine When Pressure Washing Your House.

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Starting up a pressure washing machine, putting things in place, and learn about the choke and coupling in this free pressure washing video. View Video Transcript

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Hello, my name is Grady Johnson and I'm a professional painter and today I represent Now we're going to talk a little bit about starting up this pressure washing machine. Now, when you're hooking up a pressure washer, we went over earlier how to use the couplings. Now, the hose has a normal hose coupling, I'm sure you're familiar with, just be sure it has a good washer in there and you shouldn't have any problems. I've already hooked that up, now then I went ahead and hooked up the pressure hose. Be sure both hoses are hooked up before you turn on the water. I've gone ahead and popped both of these hoses in and they are secured, then I went ahead and put into my gun. Remember we have that coupling on the bottom of the gun and then we do need to put the tip in the end as well. Once these are put into place and you see it's popped in and it is snugged, then we can go ahead and turn on the water and I'm ready to go. So my gun is all set up and ready to start up the pressure washer. What I need to do is first of all I need to go ahead and turn it on and I've already turned on the water so this is ready to go. Now, remember don't try and crank this without turning on the water first. So go ahead and give it a tug, check your choke, it's all the way out so I'd come out just a little bit on that. Make sure that you're braced, take that gun out of your face and give it a pull. Once it starts go ahead and open up the choke and she's ready to go and she'll just run like a normal lawnmower engine. You want to check your pressure, alright it's running well and this is how you start up a pressure washer.