How to Remove the Front of a Chair

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Removing the front of a wood chair. Learn how to glue a wood chair for furniture repair in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Alright now that we've got our glue blocks off we're ready to remove the chair. The way I look at a chair is there's a whole back section. You've got the back post, top rail, base rail, and then the back base stretcher. Then the next part of the chair the two side rails, front rail leg front system, and your stretcher. All this would be considered the front chair; all of this would be considered the back of the chair. So you want to separate the front and the back right now. We're going to lay it down on a soft surface, we're going to use a dead blow hammer, it's got sand in it and what that does is it concentrates the force to an area of the chair and makes it come apart a little easier. Better than a rubber mallet or even a steel hammer because a steel hammer is going to damage the wood. So we want to be careful about that, we don't want to hit it. Also if you'll notice the chair sitting here it's got a large arch right in here, I can ever just get the whole hammer under here. I don't want to start hitting it right here like this because what will happen is I could break the chair in this area. What we want to do is work it over to the edge of the table where we've got good contact. We're going to grab the chair with one hand and we're just going to gently tap and lift at the same time, I'm lifting with the right, tapping with the left. As I do this, the chair starts to come apart. Most of these old chair, the glue is dried and it's ready to come apart. If you have to beat it too hard, it probably doesn't need to be re-glued. Now that we've got all the joints loose, you can see we've separated the front part of the chair, and now we have a back part of the chair. It's easier to work with them like this because now we can keep everything straight.