Leveling the Ground for a Barbeque Pit: Part 2

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Build a backyard barbeque pit, make sure the level is right and learn to compensate when going uphill or downhill in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Mark Sullivan for Expert Village and today, we are going to learn how to build a barbecue pit. Okay now we will check our level again. Oops, so this level is a little bit long here but we can get a pretty good idea of where we are at. It appears as though that we still need to go about one inch for it to be level. So we did compensate somewhat for the uphill side by removing that earth. So now I am going to do that a little bit more and just bring this uphill side down just a little bit more. Okay now we will check our level again. So now we are pretty close but still we need to be about a half an inch so we are going to go ahead and put in some pea gravel on the downhill side to bring it up to level.