Removing Bad Spindles in Wood Furniture Repair: Part 2

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Learn more about removing bad spindles to fix broken wooden furniture, with tips and techniques for repairing your old wooden chairs, in this free DIY video on home improvement. View Video Transcript

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Okay, now we are going to take this old spindle out. Since we are going to take it out and throw it away, it doesn’t really matter what we do to it. We will try grabbing it here at the end with a very long pair of pliers and see if we can twist this thing out, breaking it loose here and that doesn’t seem to work. Let’s try a pair of vice grips here. It may work better; grabs a little bit more strongly. See if we can just get this out. If we can’t get this out, we are just going to have to cut it off and drill a hole. Okay, I think this should come out now. Okay, so that was epoxy in. You can see that the epoxy worked pretty well on that one.